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As a 501 (c) 3 public charity, we rely on the generosity of corporations and individuals to support the work that we do. The gift of your time, financial resources or access to your personal network lets us extend the impact of this amazing Microsoft alumni community.

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Consider making a donation to help the work of the Microsoft Alumni Foundation. At any level, we need your help and support.

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Sponsor recognition at Reunion 2013. Become part of companies who want exposure to the alumni community and to help support our philanthropic work.


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We are looking to strategically partner with for-profit companies that share our passion for philanthropy. These companies are prominently recognized on our web site, in communications, and at events. Join our Partners in Philanthropy program.

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"Many generous corporations have stepped forward to support the work of the Foundation.  From start-up companies to established enterprises, the return on investment is measured by social impact and the opportunity to be a part of this magnificent group of people."

-- Rowland Hanson
Strategic Partnerships

Founders' Circle

Participants in the Founders’ Circle are those who have demonstrated their support for the Foundation with a gift of $5,000 or more. They are recognized as alumni community leaders in our media and marketing collateral. Please consider a donation at any level to support our work. see who is already on this list