Here are our most frequently asked questions about membership and benefits. If your questions are not answered, email [email protected]. Provide your Microsoft Alumni ID number, when possible.

To join the Microsoft Alumni Network, fill our the membership formhere. This process takes approximately 3 business days to verify your employment with Microsoft. If you need your employee ID, call Microsoft Benefits at 1 (425) 706- 8853. Members living outside the United States can email [email protected] for assistance. For security purposes, you will be required to answer a series of authentication questions. For more information on membership eligibility, go here.

Watch a video on how to become a member on the Join page.

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Read the full list of benefits and membership dues for Premium and International memberships here.
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Join a Microsoft alumni chapter in your state or country here. Go to “Share” on the main gray menu toolbar to share your news, stories and events with us. Volunteer with fellow Microsoft alumni here. Add your business or nonprofit to our directories here. Connect with the alumni community on AlumConnect.
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AlumConnect is the secure, online world-wide community where Microsoft Alumni Network members can meet, support and do business with each other. This official networking platform is a diverse and inclusive community engagement space for all Microsoft Alumni Network members to connect, seek and share knowledge, and interact in a safe environment.

AlumConnect is designed to connect alumni for professional and personal purposes within a trusted community. The power of the Network is you.

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If you are a current paid member, you can sign into AlumConnect now through our website and gain full access to connect with fellow alum directly for the first time, post on the main feed, see exclusive user-generated content, create a group, list your nonprofit or business in our directory, post a job opening, and find or serve as a mentor. Just click AlumConnect in the gray menu bar and then register on the AlumConnect platform with your Microsoft Alumni Network ID.

If you are not a current paid member, you can access AlumConnect by filling out the member verification form and obtaining a Microsoft Alumni Network ID through the Alumni Network. You will then be allowed to create an account in AlumConnect and have limited access to the features.

You can
join or renew your membership to take full advantage of all the features on AlumConnect. It will take one U.S. business day to gain access to AlumConnect after renewing or purchasing your membership.

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If you have never signed into the Alumni Network or have not signed in since 2016, sign in under “Create/Activate your account” using your Microsoft employee ID number and last name. If you do not know your employee ID, call Microsoft Benefits at 1 (425) 706-8853.

If you have been a member in the past or your membership has expired, sign in under “Member Sign In” with your email address on file and your password. If you need your email address on file, email [email protected].

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Sign in using your email address and password. Go to the “Hi NAME” dropdown menu and select “Manage My Benefits.” Your blue virtual membership card displays your MSA ID as your Member ID. You will also need your MSA ID to sign into the eCompany Store. 

Tip: add your MSA ID to your contacts or smart phone.
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 Sign In using your email address and password. Reset your password here if needed. Once you’ve signed in, you can renew your membership here or by clicking Renew on the toolbar.

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To reset your password, go to the Sign In page here.

Select “Rest My Password” and you will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password.

If you don't see the password reset email, be sure to check your junk and spam folders of the email you associate with your membership.  

Still having trouble signing in? Email [email protected].

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If you do not see the Passport Reset email, check your Spam/Junk folder. You may have a different email address associated with your Microsoft Alumni Network account. Try the Reset Password function again using one of your other email addresses.

If you did not receive the password reset email, email [email protected].

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There is no feature which allows members to update their credit card information on our website. Email [email protected] for a credit card update request. We will email you a link to update your credit card information. This only applies to accounts set to auto-renew.

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The Microsoft Alumni Network is proud to support alumni-led and involved nonprofits for over a decade through our grants, volunteer matching program, and much more. Select the “Give” dropdown on our website to learn more.

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Sign into your Microsoft Alumni Network account under “Member Sign In.” Go to the “Hi Name” dropdown menu and select “Manage My Benefits.” Click the green “Request Microsoft 365 Family key” and complete the form. Your key will be posted on the business day (M-F) following your request on the same page where you made the request. For international members, keys may take longer than 24 hours to post. Expect an email notification when your key is posted or email us at [email protected].

For more information about installing and sharing your key, go to the Microsoft 365 Family page here.

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A new key must be requested each year. 

Your key is a software subscription and your software license resides with Microsoft. The key is a one-time use key; it can be input only one time. 

The primary user should install the key first and share with additional family members through the sharing process outlined here.

Whoever installs the key first owns it for the year-long subscription. 

It’s possible you may be using your previous key.

If your subscription has expired or is about to expire, you will need to request a new key from your “Manage My Benefits” page to continue your subscription. Your key expiration date is not tied to your Alumni Network membership.

Watch a video about the key request process here.  

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Sign into your Microsoft account at  account.microsoft.com and select the “Services Subscriptions” tab and start sharing with up to five different users. For more information on sharing your Microsoft 365 Family subscription, visit the Microsoft 365 Family support FAQ here.

If you are currently sharing a subscription with family members and your key hasn't expired, you can stop sharing your subscription first by following the steps here.

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Your alumni benefit for access to the online Microsoft Company Store will be activated within 1-4 business days after you receive your membership confirmation email. You can then create and access your Online Microsoft Company Store account by following these steps:

1. Go to the eCompany Store website.

2. Enter your email address and click on the arrow

3. Select Microsoft Alumni

4. Click Create your account now

5. Fill in your MSA ID number and Last Name, and then click Next

6. Fill out the form to register your alumni information

Note: For security purposes, the billing name and address you enter upon registration must match the billing information for any credit cards that you use to make purchases at the Microsoft Company Store.

When registering your account, please make sure you meet the password requirements outlined below:

Once your new account is created, you should have full access to the Company Store catalog. For more information on the eCompany Store benefit, go here.

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It may take between 1-4 business days for the eCompany Store to recognize your Alumni Network membership renewal. It takes 1-4 business days for the eCompany Store to recognize your Alumni Network membership renewal, if your membership expired. We are unable to expedite this process and appreciate your patience.

If you don’t have access 5 days after renewing your membership, contact the Company Store at [email protected] or email the Microsoft Alumni Network at [email protected]

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If you recently renewed your membership, it will take the eCompany Store 1-4 business days to recognize your renewal in their database. If you have never had an account with the eCompany Store as an alumni member, you will need to create one. Your Company Store account is separate from your Alumni Network account. For more information on the Company Store benefit, go here.

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To receive the LinkedIn Business Premium discount, login to the eCompany Store website. Select the “LinkedIn discount” tab on the menu bar on the homepage.

If you have never logged in to the eCompany Store as an alumni member, you will need to create a new account. If you recently renewed or purchased an Alumni Network membership, it will take 1-4 business days to gain full access to the eCompany Store. Your Company Store account is a separate from your Alumni Network account.

For more information on the LinkedIn Premium Business discount, go here.

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Microsoft alumni can still shop the eCompany Store and receive deep discounts on software, hardware, and accessories. For more information on the Company Store benefit, go here. At this time, Microsoft alumni do not receive a discount on the online Microsoft retail store.

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Under the “Hi NAME” dropdown, select “Manage My Benefits.” Scroll down to the Passport section and your Passport Activation code should be displayed. It will take 1 business day for a new Passport activation code to be posted after renewing or purchasing your membership.

If your Passport activation code is not listed, email [email protected].

To setup a new Passport account, download the Passport mobile app on your smartphone. Once the app is launched, select “other sign in options” then “Sign in with an Activation Code.” Use the activation code provided in your personal benefits page. Fill out your personal information to create your profile and enjoy your Passport discounts.

For more information on the Passport benefit, go here.

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We have official chapters in the U.S. and around the world. Learn more  here. You can also search the directory on AlumConnect to locate alumni members in your area.

For questions pertaining to post-employment benefits, see our post-employment FAQ. 

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