Insurance Plans for Microsoft Alumni Network Members

The Microsoft Alumni Network (MSA) offers Alumni members offers two types of health insurance plans. We offer Group plans if you own your own business or individual plans for you and your eligible dependents through our partnership with and Aetna.

There are 4 different Group plans for you to choose from for your small business and these are listed below. Getting into one of these plans is practically guaranteed as these plans are operated under a Trust which is very similar to an employer plan. In the State of Washington a Sole Proprietorship is considered an acceptable business structure to be on a group plan and the pre-existing conditions limit is waived. MSA also has Group plans for dental, prescription discounts and many other business related insurance and financial offers. For questions about enrollment and eligibility on the Group plans, please contact our dedicated benefits specialist, Monica Benz at or 425-974-4511 | Toll Free: 800-542-3737

For the Individual health insurance our partnership is with  Individual medical rates are regulated by law, and there is no discount for alumni on individual medical insurance. The discount for our MSA members is on dental and vision costs through our partnership with Aetna. If you log into the eHealthInsurance website by using the link on the MSA site (you have to be an approved member to view this), you will be offered the Aetna Vital Savings program and be able to save on average 20% of your dental and vision costs. For questions about your MSA Membership - please email For questions about individual health insurance programs, please contact your provider or eHealthInsurance at 1-800-977-8860.

Group Plans

2013 MSA Plan #1 Cost Benefit Outline (effective Sept. 2013)

2013 MSA Plan #2 Cost Benefit Outline(effective Sept. 2013)

2013 MSA Plan #3 Cost Benefit Outline (effective Sept. 2013)

2013 MSA Plan #4 Cost Benefit Outline (effective Sept. 2013)



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