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Join the Microsoft Alumni Network for coffee and learn more about the benefits of joining this impressive community of ex-Microsoft employees.

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Location: Redmond, WA (On Campus)

Enjoy live music from over 200 artists in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square at the Fest, and join artists and music industry experts at the Summit to dive into how emerging artists can thrive in the new music economy. The music festival runs all three days on May 11, 12, and 13 and the Summit will take place on May 11 and 12.

Learn more about the festival here. Click here for an exclusive 10% off discount code (Must be signed in and a paid member of the Microsoft Alumni Network)

​Location: ​Seattle, WA

Discover the Microsoft Alumni Network
Discover the Microsoft Alumni Network
Have you recently left Microsoft? Or just always wondered what the Microsoft Alumni Network was all about? Join us on April 25th for coffee and learn more about the benefits of joining this impressive community of ex-Microsoft employees.

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Jill Heron

After nine years at Microsoft, Jill created 3 companies that foster passion and compassion. Her heartfelt  work helps people explore their dreams and overcome obstacles, while another endeavor supports individuals looking to leave behind meaningful messages to their loved ones. Read Jill's story.

Pongo Update

Join us in celebrating 25 year of program impact and sustainability for Pongo Teen Writing led by 2010 Integral Fellow Richard Gold. Read this update and learn how you can request a free copy of Pongo's latest book.

Shanti Balaraman 

As the new alumni lead for the Bay Area, Shanti Balaraman has big ideas. After an 18-year career at Microsoft, Shanti recently left the company to start a company focused on teaching kids how to think and innovate, using nature as a guide. You can find Shanti's profile here. 

Being a Microsoft alum has its benefits.

Save money
Save money
Shop exclusive discounts from Microsoft, member businesses, partners and more.
Get Alumni Stories
Get Alumni Stories
Be the first to hear what other alumni are doing with their post Microsoft adventures.
Engage in philanthropy
Engage in philanthropy
Give, volunteer, share, and learn with us and our generous and impactful community.
Find Career Resources
Find Career Resources
Access career tools and connect with career resources.

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