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Save money
Save money
Shop exclusive discounts on travel, wireless plans, technology, shipping and more.
Get the inside scoop
Get the inside scoop
Be the first to hear what other alumni are doing with their careers after Microsoft.
Engage in philanthropy
Engage in philanthropy
Give, volunteer, share, and learn with us and our generous and impactful community.
Find your next job
Find your next job
Access our Career Success Center, which provides numerous career tools and advice.  

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Strawberry Theatre Workshop Presents: Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco
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Amara Information Meeting (AIM)
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2016 Integral Fellow Award
2016 Integral Fellow Award
Meet Peter Bladin, this year's Integral Fellow award recipient!

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After spending time behind bars, this employee set no bars on his own success
Ed Sproull was 27 when he awoke in the hospital, disoriented and hung over. He felt a searing pain in his left leg, and suddenly the memory of the motorcycle accident came flooding back to him.
Microsoft Hackathon 2016 winner InstaFact uses Bing knowledge graph to help people do more
Let’s say you’re writing a report on Washington state that includes historical dates and a spreadsheet of cities and population.
Microsoft Pix gives the iPhone camera an artificial brain
As a professional photographer shooting the Seattle Seahawks, Josh Weisberg dashed around the football field, constantly taking pictures in anticipation of the perfect shot.
Kris Woolery: Designing gaming for everyone
At Xbox, big part of Gaming for Everyone is enabling all types of gamers to play as they want, in the way they want.
“When you go work for Microsoft, you forget how to do things on a smaller scale.”
– Lauren Woodman
"Microsoft has definitely prepared people to launch."
- Justina Chen
Award-winning author & story strategist
"I loved working at Microsoft and all the benefits we get as alumni are awesome!"
- Jane Conners

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