The purpose of our giving program is to catalyze the collective power of the Microsoft alumni family and leverage our resources to make a difference for others.

Share your resources. Give your time, talent, or treasure. Work with us to find a nonprofit you can engage with or to share with the community a nonprofit you are passionate about.


Our programs

Today we have four primary areas of focus: Integral Fellows, Volunteer Opportunities, Visibility for alumni engaged nonprofits, and Reunion with a Purpose. We will look to enhance our offerings as we grow our resources. If you want to get involved or have an idea, let us know.

We rely on your generosity

As a 501(c)3 public charity, the Microsoft Alumni Foundation relies on donations from individuals and corporations to support the work that we do.


Integral Fellows Award Program

The Integral Fellows Award was initiated in 2009 in order to recognize and support Microsoft alumni who are making meaningful differences in the daily lives of others by using their talents, time, and resources to contribute to the world. To learn more about the program go to our Integral Fellows page.

Reunion with a Purpose

At our annual reunion, we recognize this year's Integral Fellow and celebrate our shared experience of being a Microsoft alum.

Save the date! This year's Reunion with a Purpose is Friday, October 7th from 6-11 PM. For more details and to register: click here

Resources for Nonprofits


Office 365 for Nonprofits

Explore the Office 365 offerings, discounts, and donations that are available for nonprofits. Office 365 includes a powerful set of tools that bring teams together from around the world and keep your data secure.  


Solutions for Good: Microsoft Software and Donations for Nonprofits 

Find out if your nonprofit is eligible for Microsoft product donations. Microsoft Philanthropies drives product donations that help to modernize and empower nonprofits. 


TechSoup: Power Up your Social Impact

TechSoup is a nonprofit that makes tech donations and discounts possible for other nonprofits, libraries, and foundations. Browse TechSoup’s featured webinars, how-to articles, and top products, including Microsoft, Adobe, and Intuit.  

Nonprofit Directory

There are over 100 nonprofits — local, regional, national, and global in scope — that benefit from the involvement of Microsoft Alumni. Many alumni founded or currently lead a nonprofit; many more are outspoken advocates and volunteers for nonprofits. We provide visibility for these organizations by advertising events and sharing their news and information via social platforms. They are also listed in the Nonprofit Directory where you can find contact information and volunteer opportunities. 


Learn more about our upcoming alumni nonprofit events here.