Returning to Microsoft as an FTE



In the last year, 12% of Microsoft hires were "re-hires"

It's a trend called "boomeranging" and it's not that unusual. If returning to Microsoft is of interest to you, here's a few tips to consider:

  • Use your Microsoft network – ask who’s hiring and for intros. Internal referrals are always the strongest avenue to result in a rehire. Be sure to stay connected & continue to maintain relationships with Microsoft peers.
  • Use your Microsoft Alumni Network – connect with people who have connections or information about the teams or discipline you want to return to.
  • Have an optimized and up-to-date LinkedIn profile & ask for recommendations from past roles to be included on your profile.
  • Be able to demonstrate how you’ve scaled since you left MS & have the ability to articulate your impact since you’ve left.
  • Have demonstrated examples of both growth mindset & customer obsession at the ready.
  • Be knowledgeable about the changes that have happened within the company since you left.
  • Be current & up-to-date in your knowledge of technology, both internally & externally.
  • Have a solid explanation for why you would like to return to MS.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare – treat any interview like your first ever MS interview.  Don’t be complacent.
  • Be persistent and don’t be impatient – it may take time to come back to just the right fit.

Here's a few useful resources: