Peter Bladin

2016 Integral Fellow — Global Partnerships

“I'm inspired by getting to play a part in creating opportunities for people I've met around the world who live with very little yet have done so much.”

As Chief Impact Officer at Global Partnerships, Peter Bladin is applying his passion for technology, entrepreneurship and business to tackle social issues on a global scale. For the past 15 years, Peter has been bringing together these unique elements to impact the lives of people living in poverty. His leadership at the Grameen Foundation and at Global Partnerships has enabled them to reach people in new ways around the world, maximizing their impact.

Peter started his career at Microsoft in 1987, where he spent a decade in a variety of leadership roles focused on international work, product support and marketing. In business, his focus was on driving profit. Today, he is focused on maximizing social impact, and has already made great strides. 

From Global Partnerships to the Grameen Foundation in 2001, he has constantly focused on how to scale the impact of their work through technology. He founded the Grameen Technology Center and established it as a global leader in the use of information technologies to alleviate poverty.

In 2012, Peter joined Global Partnerships, which invests in social enterprises in Latin America and East Africa. Peter leads the Impact and Research Team, providing direction on where to invest and how to evaluate and measure the impact of those investments. As a result of his leadership, Global Partnerships invests in pioneering technologies like solar lights that transform the lives of people living beyond the reach of the electrical grid.

Peter’s career combines his passion for sustainable business models with his desire to address the needs of marginalized communities. His current work in impact investing joins the best of both smart business and targeted philanthropy. This body of work over Peter’s entire journey is an outstanding representation of the meaning of our Integral Fellows program, where alumni are achieving measurable results in many capacities. They have created positive impact and continue to inspire our community to make a difference.

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