Who is eligible?

Membership to the Microsoft Alumni Network is open to former Microsoft employees who worked on a regular full-time or part-time basis and left Microsoft in good standing. In order for you to become a member for the first time we will validate your past employment during the registration process. To start the registration process, fill out this form. You will need your Microsoft Employee ID number to complete this process. If you do not know your employee ID, please contact Microsoft Benefits at (425) 706-8853 or via email.

Were you previously a member of the Microsoft Alumni Network?

If you have been a member of the alumni network in the past, we will recognize you by your MSA member ID and your last name. You can re-register with the Network here. If you do not know you MSA member ID,  please contact us by email or call our office (425-885-3500) so we can assist you.

Want more information about membership?

Compare membership levels on our membership comparison page or check out the benefits that Microsoft Alumni Network members receive.