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Cliff Schmidt
Literacy Bridge’s bold plan: 10 million in 10 years

Julian Parish
Julian Parish married two of his passions: writing and automobiles

Transforming Women’s Networking into Deal-Making 

Building success on a foundation of persistence and opportunity

Alumni couple learns entrepreneurial lessons 

How Microsoft alumni are paying it forward with a podcast

Anthony Newton
Meet MSA Denver's chapter leader

Stéphane Boulez
As its board president, Stéphane Boulez is turning MSA France into a tour de force and model for all MSA chapters

Laurie Carey
Picking up STEAM and connecting the dots 

Steve Andrews
Making Autism work in the workplace

Susan R. Crandall
Applying Your Microsoft Skills to do More Good

Shanti Balaraman
Innovating for youth

Pongo Teen Writing
Congratulations on 25 years of success

Jill Heron
From Microsoft to a Communications Coach and Heartfelt Gift Magician

Andrea Taylor
For this eyewitness to history, one march birthed a lifetime of momentum

February 2017 Philanthropy Update
Microsoft Alumni around the world continue to demonstrate their eagerness to make a profound and lasting difference for others. Learn more about how we are working to support our alum.

Gates Foundation Annual Letter
Our 2017 annual letter is addressed to our dear friend Warren Buffett, who in 2006 donated the bulk of his fortune to our foundation to fight disease and reduce inequity. A few months ago, Warren asked us to reflect on what impact his gift has had on the world. 

Kevin Ross
Inspiring students through robotics competitions

Rachel Valdez and Stacy Stonich
Helping women take flight in tech

Rebecca Mark
Advisor to the House Republican Conference Chairwoman

Kostas Mallios
Innovating a new course for the Victoria Clipper

Audra Mulkern
Her farm-to-camera movement puts female farmers in focus

Mark Hall
Combining passion and experience to improve the living conditions of American Indians

Peter Bladin
As Chief Impact Officer at Global Partnerships, Peter Bladin is applying his passion for technology, entrepreneurship and business to tackle social issues on a global scale.

2016 Reunion with a Purpose recap
What a night! A sold out event, our 8th Reunion with a Purpose was a great example of how we can help you to facilitate real connections. From enjoying the wines and craft beers developed by our fellow alumni, to connecting with businesses and nonprofits also lead by our alumni, there was a lot to experience.

2016 Inspired Leaders and Honorees
One benefit of Reunion with a Purpose is that the Integral Fellow nomination process helps to surface the work of many remarkable alumni. We recognized a few of these alumni at the event by shining a light on their work and invite you to get involved in their causes!

Heather Murchison
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Ponte Travels

Richard Levine
Writer, Game Designer, and Software Engineer

Laura King
Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

Microsoft Hackathon 2016 winner InstaFact uses Bing knowledge graph to help people do more
Let’s say you’re writing a report on Washington state that includes historical dates and a spreadsheet of cities and population.

After spending time behind bars, this employee set no bars on his own success
Ed Sproull was 27 when he awoke in the hospital, disoriented and hung over. He felt a searing pain in his left leg, and suddenly the memory of the motorcycle accident came flooding back to him.

Microsoft Pix gives the iPhone camera an artificial brain
As a professional photographer shooting the Seattle Seahawks, Josh Weisberg dashed around the football field, constantly taking pictures in anticipation of the perfect shot.

Kaushik Bhaduri
Following his passion of being a magician in the city

Kris Woolery: Designing gaming for everyone
At Xbox, big part of Gaming for Everyone is enabling all types of gamers to play as they want, in the way they want.

Bob Powell
Developing clean cookstoves for impoverished people 

Mitchell Sonnen
How volunteering with TEALS was the most rewarding phase in his career

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Available August 2nd
Microsoft announced that everyone running Windows 10 will get the new features in the Anniversary Update for FREE

Julia Freeland
Helping parents re-launch their careers after taking time off to care for family

George Santino
From the streets to the Microsoft suites, read his incredible story

Bill Gates: Living with energy poverty
If you can read this, you probably have access to affordable and reliable electricity all day, every day. 1.4 billion people around the world don’t.

L.J. Nielsen: How I landed my dream job at Microsoft
Sitting in my office in Redmond and peering out the windows at the Microsoft campus, I keep pinching myself to see if I am dreaming. 

Microsoft and University of Washington researchers set record for DNA storage
Researchers at Microsoft and the University of Washington have reached an early but important milestone in DNA storage by storing a record 200 megabytes of data on the molecular strands.

Leadership Announcement: Kevin Turner to leave Microsoft
Judson Althoff and Jean-Philippe Courtois will take on new roles at Microsoft with the change, in addition to other leadership changes.

Renowned climber Melissa Arnot helps Maddie Miller break record in 50 Peaks Challenge
For weeks, they abandoned sleep and lived in a van, as they drove 19,000 miles across the country and hiked on snow, desert and scree in a race against time. The two women were tackling the 50 Peaks Challenge.

Sari Davison
Dedicated to launching new and useful product for parents

Hackathon project uses Microsoft HoloLens to help retrain brain in neurological disorders
A Hackathon project is using Microsoft HoloLens to try and help people with neurological disorders by retraining the brain to learn new firing connections. 

Satya Nadella discusses how humans and A.I. can work together
Advanced machine learning, also known as artificial intelligence or just A.I., holds far greater promise than unsettling headlines about computers beating humans at games.

One year later, hackathon project and MSR Enable team push limits on technology that empowers
It began as an overhauled wheelchair fitted with electronic gadgets, hastily cut Styrofoam and a fair amount of duct tape, but the enormous promise of the hackathon prototype was unmistakable.

Patrick Awuah celebrates with students at Ashesi’s Commencement
It was announced at the recent commencement ceremony that Ashesi, the first liberal arts college in Ghana, will receive a Presidential Charter and achieve independence in 2016. 

Chaitra Vedullapalli
Supporting small businesses and helping them to get digitally competitive 

Audra Gaines-Mulkern
Documenting the lives of female farmers through her stunning photography

giveBIG 2017 Results
Members came through in a big way for giveBig!

Microsoft stock down post earnings
Market reacts negatively to Microsoft earnings for the quarter ended March 31.

One student talks about We Day
Sponsoring We Day is one way Microsoft Philanthropies works to empower young people to achieve more.

An issue of fundamental rights
Brad Smith comments on the lawsuit Microsoft filed against the U.S. government to protect privacy.

Paving the Education Superhighway
Empowering school websites to generate educational funding and to become tools of learning

Randy Kath helps found Boomio
Microsoft alum partners with new music app that has the record industry's support

Cora Edmonds works to educate girls in Nepal
It all started with a photo.

Going green and staying green: protecting the earth we all share
Microsoft alumna Alex Loeb refuses to stand by as human interaction with earth threatens ever-increasing volumes of wildlife and their habitats.

Eliza Esquivel, one of the most creative women in advertising, joins Microsoft
Eliza Esquivel has never been one to take a linear path anywhere.  It’s clear in the way she put off diving into a career to focus on meditation and her life's purpose.

David Risher: The Quiet Revolutionary
Some tech giants are changing the world in a far quieter manner. One such person is David Risher, co-founder of Worldreader. Here is his story.

MX for a Cure: Throttle Breast Cancer
Motocross Race for a Cure: Microsoft alum seeks your help to throttle breast cancer

Alum Learned the Impact of Change at a Young Age
One Act Launched Alum and Foundation Volunteer Towards Philanthropy

Team Jesse Foundation
Team Jesse Foundation riders still working to raise $500,000 for military heroes

How machine learning forecasts the future for careers at Bing
“Our leadership allows us to come up with new ideas and run with them,” says Sun, now a partner data scientist and development manager for Bing. “It’s one of the benefits of working for a big company like Microsoft.”

It’s time for more girls to #MakeWhatsNext
On March 8, International Women’s Day, it’s not only right to remember these and other female heroes, it’s just as important to encourage young women to know they can and should be among the next generation of inventors.

Announcing SQL Server on Linux
This Thursday at Microsoft's Data Driven event in New York, we will kick off a wave of launch activities for SQL Server 2016 with general availability later this year.

Clint Skullerud
A Microsoft Sales Academy recruit finds his calling

Microsoft’s using Minecraft to boost artificial intelligence research with Project AIX
Microsoft has quietly unveiled a new platform that harnesses the power of Minecraft to expedite artificial intelligence (AI) development.

DiStefano Winery
Founded in 1983, by Mircosoft alum Mark Newton.

Microsoft to Donate $1 Billion in Cloud Services to Nonprofits and Researchers
Microsoft sets up to help enable the nonprofit community to transition into the cloud era.

From Pedals to Nonprofits: For George Durham, social good is only a ride away
George Durham has been with Linksbridge since 2013, when he joined the firm as a principal. Linksbridge is a boutique Seattle-based social impact consulting firm that provides strategy, content, communications, and creative services to NGOs, nonprofits, and social-minded enterprises.

Bill Neukom, Microsoft's first General Counsel, expands his reach
From lead counsel of Microsoft to President of the American Bar Association to managing partner of the San Francisco Giants, Bill Neukom has seen many things. But as of 2006, when he founded the World Justice Project (WJP), Bill has taken an active role in advancing justice around the globe.

Gail DeGiulio
Her journey to both the ‘head and heart'

Brian Arbogast: Finding Innovative Answers to a Messy Problem
For some people, life without a proper sanitation system is hard to imagine. Microsoft alumnus Brian Arbogast approaches this idea each and every day as the director of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Marty Taucher: Creating Cult Wine to Complement a Successful Career
After a rewarding run at a multinational corporation, what better way to spend one’s time than in the rich and fruitful wine trade within the heart of Washington’s cultivated industry?

Alumna Karen Abel sculpts artEAST's vision An uncommonly accessible gallery and art center

Carefully preserved storefronts line Issaquah’s historic Front Street, giving it the largely rustic appearance that makes it so iconic. But nestled amongst the restaurants and cafes is artEAST, an art center by artists for the community.

Jeffrey McCannon
Jeffrey and Stacy McCannon look back very fondly on their time at Microsoft. So much so that they hope to continue their affiliation with Microsoft for years in the future.

Microsoft submits plans for major Silicon Valley campus revamp
For roughly 15 years, Microsoft has been a large if quiet presence in Mountain View, California, occupying a perfectly serviceable — if unglamorous — campus in the city's North Bayshore.  Well, it's time to take things up a notch.

Deanna Carlisle
Helping youth to navigate college and beyond

Jennie Locati
The boomerang effect and staying true to values

Microsoft researchers win ImageNet computer vision challenge
Microsoft researchers on Thursday announced a major advance in technology designed to identify the objects in a photograph or video, showcasing a system whose accuracy meets and sometimes exceeds human-level performance.

Reflections on Gratitude: Family Volunteer Trip to Kenya
As the vehicle slows, we hear the singing before we can see any people, and I realize this has been true several times this week in Kenya.

Anna Steffeney: LeaveLogic secures funding for parental leave software
Led by Microsoft alum Anna Steffeney, LeaveLogic is raising more cash to fuel development of its parental leave management platform.

Key foundation sponsor picks a fight against childhood obesity
A Microsoft Alumni Foundation sponsor is combating child obesity by encouraging kids to grow and eat their own vegetables.

Low tech entertainment attracts high tech alum
Kathy Demaree dedicates her Microsoft expertise to the Seattle Choral Company

Microsoft skills transfer well to a nonprofit board
Steve Wells found his niche with the Seattle Shakespeare Company

Alumna revives her Microsoft passion at Save the Children
Charlotte Guyman says working at a nonprofit can be just as 'sexy and exciting' as working for Microsoft

Ed Fries
MSFT alum Ed Fries uses entrepreneurial spirit to give back

Former Microsoft PR head returns to first love: journalism
Greg Shaw, the communications expert who advised Bill Gates through his early years in philanthropy, has returned to his roots in journalism.

How to quit your job with confidence
Aimee Voelz explains how you can make preparations to quit your job. 

Microsoft legend brings his talents to the Boys & Girls Club King County
Brad Chase takes on role as the Chairman of the Board for organization advocating kids' futures

SCORE with Microsoft alumnus
Volunteering to make a difference for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Microsoft alumna completes Loaned Executive program
Dana Nyyssela is the third MSAF representative to help the Giving Campaign

The sound of giving
Mike Lucero makes good music for a good cause

11-year Microsoft veteran Dana Manciagli makes a bold move
Professional speaker, private career coach, nationally syndicated columnist, and author of “Cut the Crap™, Get a Job!” talks post-Microsoft experiences.

Horse owner Chris Carper leads the "coolest horse racing app ever"

Trainer Ken McPeek is trying to help horse racing grow and brought in now-President and Chief Operating Officer Chris Carper, a former Microsoft executive, to largely run the business.

Peter Braman: From OS/2 to Russian fly-fishing to saving the Hoh River
Peter Braman will go to great lengths to find a good fishing spot. It’s his love for fly-fishing that led to board co-chairmanship with the nonprofit Hoh River Trust (HRT), an organization that works to restore salmon and steelhead habitat in the Hoh River valley.

How I learned to live after Microsoft

John Hotta reflects on what it's like to leave Microsoft, and how his post-retirement life has evolved since.

Eyes on We Day Seattle 2015
Alumni engage to help students who give beyond themselves

Project Parent Engagement
How Microsoft's early-'90s flux has guided Tom Brubaker

Microsoft alum helps KCTS break new ground
Most of us view television as a way to relax and allow our minds to wander. But for Tom Cohen, television is his job – and his Microsoft DNA means he is working tirelessly to improve it.

Microsoft Alumni Network trip forges bond between former employees

In March of 2015, thirteen alumni, friends, and family ventured out on a Microsoft Alumni Network trip to the island of Cuba.

A little taste of Texas gets a big response
A Microsoft alum opens an instantly popular BBQ joint

What is it in life that you "can't not do"?

After hundreds of hours discussing this issue with many people, Paul Shoemaker shares a few of his findings and suggests how we can all strive to do the same.

Philanthropy: A family affair for Ruth and Todd Warren

Todd and Ruth share an underlying belief in empowerment. They feel their efforts are best concentrated where they have a multiplicative effect at a high level, and they saw education as the prime place to do that.

When Writing is More Than Writing
A new book and PBS NewsHour segment bring attention to Richard Gold's work

Dona Sarkar, New Windows Insider Program Leader
Even if you don’t know Dona Sarkar’s name, you likely know her work. If you’re one of the 1.5 billion people using Windows, you have likely used something she’s built.

Jessica Jobes: My first employee
I just hired my first employee, a Ph.D. Data Scientist. Here's my long-winded story about why this made sense for my Marketing Agency before I even knew it did. 

Sue Desmond-Hellmann: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO
Sue shares a letter in which she addresses the one question that unites the employees of the Gates Foundation: What if?

The 10 Best Moments from #BestSchoolDay

"Probably the best thing I've ever been involved in." -Stephen Colbert

Mark Swatzell: What did I learn from getting laid off?
This week marked a year since Christi and I were pulling into the airport parking lot for our vacation trip to Maui, and I got a call from Microsoft telling me that after 22+ years, I'd been laid off, along with almost everyone on the leadership team I was on.

Jessical Jobes: It's been 18 months since I left Microsoft

When I told my parents I planned to start a Marketing Agency, they questioned what I knew about marketing - after all I was at Microsoft for 13 years. They thought I was in tech, not marketing. And prior to August 2015, so did I.

New Computer History Fellow - Dave Cutler
After five decades on two coasts, Microsoft Senior Technical Fellow Dave Cutler is honored with the Fellow Award.

What the device you carry says about Microsoft's culture

A Glacial Clay Could Be The Solution To Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens
Almost 2 million Americans per year develop hospital-acquired infections resulting in 99,000 deaths, the vast majority of which are due to antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

The Anchor Project: A second chance for young entrepreneurs
The Anchor Project is an arts-driven, job-readiness organization serving at-risk youth.

Optimum, Energetic Health Is The Goal
Optimal health occurs when a patient is physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in flow, and when the organs and glands of the body are functioning at maximum capacity.

John Wood and Room to Read helping to close the gender gap
Microsoft alum John Wood launched the Room to Read to promote child literacy. Now, he turns his attention to girls' education in developing countries. 

Richard Bangs shares his reflections of wanderlust and wisdom in adventure travel
Richard Bangs turns a love of travel into a lifelong mission, leading people through exotic lands from Antarctica to Yemen. He continues to lead legendary journeys with Mountain Travel Sobek: The Adventure Travel Company.

Well-known former Microsoftie, now a nonprofit leader, joins Alumni Foundation board
A familiar name and face to many Microsoft alums and long-time employees is the newest member of the Microsoft Alumni Foundation’s board of directors.

Jeff Raikes talks about first year as Gates Foundation CEO
Jeff Raikes has kept a pretty low profile in his first year as chief executive of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Tracey Lovejoy: My Renewed Hope for Microsoft
Since I left Microsoft I’ve been making sense of my time there and what eventually led me to leave. Over the last year my hope has been ignited that things are getting better because of what I’ll call the ‘snowflakes of Satya’.

Microsoft alumna (Net)Hopes to make impact
"When you go work for Microsoft, you forget how to do things on a smaller scale."

Former Microsoft President and author Robbie Bach shares Xbox stories and experience
Sometimes, people are able to find their passions. But sometimes, passion finds them. Microsoft veteran Robbie Bach says he is fortunate enough to fall into the second category, as he involves himself more and more deeply with civic engagement.

Volunteering with TEALS from the eyes of three Microsoft Alums
TEALS help high schools teach computer science by providing a team of trained volunteers to partner with a classroom teacher and deliver computer science to their students.

Perspectives of a First Time We Day Employee
We Day is the one day a year that Toronto brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger reward middle and high school students who have given back to others. Currently there are fourteen We Day events across North America and the UK.

APL Influences Students Inside and Outside the Classroom
A new high school seeks fresh ways to make a positive impact on its students in a fully inclusive environment

Q&A: Remembering Windows 95
This year marks 20 years since the release of Windows 95. To commemorate this milestone, a reunion party is planned at Benaroya Hall in Seattle on September 12.

Jeff Raikes and the University of Nebraska Take a New Approach to Education
How can we better equip college students for a career in technology and meet industry needs? At the Raikes School, you start by hand picking 35 students for a four-year education integrating business, computer science, engineering and design.

Andrea Taylor's plans to revive Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
When four young girls were killed at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church on Sept. 15, 1963, Andrea Taylor was a teenager in West Virginia. She vividly remembers the morning when those girls, close to her age then, lost their lives. And in the years since, Taylor has been on her own path towards Birmingham.

Windows 10 Now Active on over 200 Million Devices
As of today, there are more than 200 million monthly active devices around the world running Windows 10.

David Risher: The Quiet Revolutionary
"I want to unlock the potential that’s locked up in the next billion people so they can be the next scientists, the next teachers, the next innovators, the next explorers."