Managing your membership benefits just got a lot easier!

You asked for an easier way to manage your Microsoft Alumni Network member benefits and we listened!

Now you can find all of your vital benefit information in one place. We’ve made accessing your new Office 365 Home subscription and Passport Unlimited account easier. Plus, you can see if you are currently listed in the Business Directory, Nonprofit Directory or are an Ambassador. 

These improvements start when you sign in to the Microsoft Alumni Network’s redesigned home page. 

Right away, you’ll see your Member ID, Membership Level and when your membership expires. You’ll also have one-click access to manage your benefits, shop the Online Company Store and view your membership card for those shopping trips to the Company Store or the Microsoft Retail Store.

Just click on the new magenta “Manage Your Benefits” button and you’re off to a great new experience where you can request your key for Office 365 Home.

Request your Office key by clicking the green "Request key" button from this page and on the next US Business day, you will find it delivered to the same page. This button will be grey if you have already requested a key for your current benefit period. Then, you can click Go to Office Setup from that same page and finish the process.

What about Passport, you ask?

The experience will be similar. We will deliver your Passport Activation Code directly to you via the Manage Your Benefits page. Then you can renew or set up your Passport Account. A few weeks later your Passport Membership number will be visible here and you’ll see your Passport expiration date.

Do you have a business or nonprofit organization listed in one of our directories, or are you an Alumni Network Ambassador?

Your Member Benefits Page will remind you of the programs you are actively participating in.
We’ve also updated our FAQ online to answer your questions about our new, streamlined processes. If you still have questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected].