Microsoft Alumni Network Ambassador Program

The Microsoft Alumni Network only gets stronger with more engaged members. To that end, we’ve enlisted active and engaged Microsoft Alumni Network members to become our Ambassadors. Ambassadors share their enthusiasm about the value of their membership, advocate for the network, evangelize about the accomplishments of their fellow Alumni Network Members, and drive and grow membership. They’re also our eyes and ears in the alumni community to help us better understand how to serve our membership better.

Getting involved

We have Microsoft Alumni that live all over the world and we need Ambassadors from around the globe help to shape the future of the Microsoft Alumni Network. To apply to be an ambassador or nominate a fellow alum, you must log-in as a paid member of the Network.

Learn about the perks of becoming an Ambassador

You already know why being a paid Member of the Microsoft Alumni Network is valuable to you. Becoming an Ambassador provides an added platform to gain more visibility for you, your business, your causes and for the Microsoft Alumni Network. There are also special tools and benefits just for Ambassadors. Stay tuned to learn more. 

Meet our Ambassadors


Jeff Shuey


Crystal Wilson